How to make money on YouTube and become a professional vlogger


It’s been a few years since I started watching a few podcasts wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, the number of vloggers has exploded, the average age of content creators has dropped, and the money you can earn from YouTube has shrunk. It may seem strange, but there are more people than ever who think they can get rich from online content, in reality, the backlog is immeasurable.

It is not much more than just making funny or informative clips with attractive titles. In 2020, you must be multilaterally developed, look at the vlogger profession as a business that needs to be constantly expanded. No one said it’s easy, but if you’re ready for action and have plenty of time available, there are a few steps you can take if you want to know how to make money on YouTube.

How to make money on YouTube – Rules of the game

In 2020, YouTube has changed the rules that any channel trying to generate money must follow. To join YouTube Partner, you must have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel, and in the last year, all of your videos must have generated at least 4,000 hours of views.

The values are not absurd, given the large number of channels with over one million subscribers, but they are enough to discourage you if you are in the beginning.

The first 1000 subscribers are the hardest to obtain and, during the time you are struggling to collect them, it is not excluded that you will be tempted to give up the whole project several times. To make the whole equation even more frustrating, if you dropped below the 4,000 hours watched or 1,000 subscribers in one year, you automatically exit the content monetization program.

Even mom knows that money is being made from YouTube and it’s not related to her technical inclinations. Not many people know how much money is earned from this job. The reason is that Google does not publish exact figures to keep in mind when you start.

But it’s important to know that it’s almost impossible to get rich from YouTube. In the long run, you will make more money from partnerships with different companies and brands, but I will detail this below.

From this point of view, YouTube is doing you a favor. The social network owned by Alphabet is the only one that has decided to share their advertising money with the people behind some posts. For reference, YouTube gives a content creator 55% of all the money it gets from creatives displayed during a clip.

The exact amount varies depending on the many parameters, starting with the subject of your clip, the average age and the gender of those who watch it. In addition, it may vary from period to period depending on the demand of those who sell the advertisements that arrive in your videos.

How to make money on YouTube – Rules of the game

As with Google Ads, before an ad reaches a YouTube video, Google holds an auction to match the advertiser who is ready to pay the most for your audience.

If we’re talking about accurate figures, on average, a clip with 1,000 views generates about $ 2.5. Of that amount, about $ 1.38 goes to YouTuber. This means you can expect 5 lei from a video that was watched by 1,000 people. The video above explains the whole mechanism quite well.

But there is another problem, and this is quite big. Because the sale of ads is higher in English, there are very good chances of making less money if you post content in other languages. A vlogger from Bulgaria who has an average of one million views on his videos earns $ 300- $ 400 per month.

As a result, it may be a bit easier to make money from YouTube if you start directly in English, if you master the language well enough, and the area you want to deal with is suitable outside of our country.

You need to view YouTube as a launch pad. If you are good at what you do, it helps you to become popular. It also gives you some money in this process, but little.

It’s up to you if you know what to do with the newly gained popularity, whether you can monetize it, extend it to other platforms, online or offline.

Most profitable YouTubers make money off the platform owned by Google. The first step in this end involves establishing partnerships with various brands. If you become popular enough, it is very likely that you will be approached by an advertising company that believes that the audience of your clips is suitable for promoting a particular brand or product. If you’ve started unboxing and phone reviews, you may have been approached by a mobile phone manufacturer.

If you have a cooking recipe channel, a manufacturer of appliances, semi-preparations or other cooking products might contact you. If you are ambitious and have a few relationships, you can do the opposite. No one stops you from trying to contact the representative of a brand that you enjoy or find interesting.

Such partnerships with brands or advertising companies can be remunerated only once, reflected in a long-term partnership or reflected in products you keep, instead of money. Depending on your popularity, you may have a verbal agreement with a PR person or you may face a tough contract.

In the end, the idea is that you will earn more money in direct contact with a company, unless that company goes to YouTube and only a portion of your advertising budget gets you in your pocket.

How to make money on YouTube through affiliate marketing

If you still have a lot of videos on YouTube and you like to talk about various products or use certain equipment to make them, it would be a shame not to make money if someone wants to buy those gadgets. Many online stores accept such a partnership and, most often, bear the name of affiliation or profitshare. In the case of Amazon, if you want to make money from targeting buyers to the products they sell, you will be part of the Amazon Associates program.

Simply put an affiliate link in your YouTube video description and you will have a percentage of that product’s sales if the person who accessed it buys it. The percentage varies from one profitshare platform to another and from one online store to another.

It is important to note that there are online stores in any field that facilitate this monetization algorithm. You don’t just have to have clips about tech, fashion or cooking to make money. The possibilities are endless.

Internationally, Amazon has the most profitable affiliate program. If you want to register, just access their website. As for the money you earn on each product you sell, you can expect an average of 4% of the purchased value.

In the fashion products segment, the commission increases up to 10%. Amazon Fire or Echo devices have a 7% commission. As a footnote, it is important to note that a person who came to Amazon through a link you created generates a commission from almost any product they buy in that shop session.

It’s not just about the product you accessed because you saw it in your YouTube video description. You can find the list of commissions on product categories from Amazon on their website as well.

How to make money on YouTube with the help of Patreon

Money on YouTube is not constant and can vary significantly from month to month. In other words, we are not talking about a monthly salary to rely on and to give you the psychological comfort that you can handle this full time. However, there are several solutions through which your fans or people who appreciate your content can directly support you.

The most popular of these is Patreon. It’s very easy to sign up for Patreon and you can get an easy-to-remember link to share in your video description.

You would be surprised how many people are willing to subscribe to help you with some money every month. To stimulate such generous gestures, you can create additional content for patrons. A few YouTube videos per month posted on Patreon alone will bring you a lot more money if you generate quality content.

As a reference, I am a subscriber to the Brit Show, a channel with podcasts of some boys from London. It is a podcast in english and the patreons are probably exclusively british. I give them $ 2 a month, but out of a total of 376 patreons they earn a salary of $ 807 a month at the time of writing this material. Something small, another british podcast raises $ 159 every month from 27 patrons.

From YouTuber or vlogger to brand and merchandise

If you have a fairly popular YouTube channel and have already gone through the above steps, there is only one more you can spend extra money on. Your face or your name on a t-shirt in combination with an inspirational quote or clever joke might make fans smile.

It doesn’t even have to be a picture with you. It can be a logo inspired by a mug, T-shirt, sweatshirt or other products behind the merchandise concept. There are lots of sites ready to customize your cups, T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads and anything else that goes through your mind.

How to make money on YouTube with great patience

No one said it was simple, and if he did, he lied. The vlogger job requires a little luck, inspiration and a lot of sweat. Nothing comes of its own. At present, the market is saturated on a wide variety of fields. That means it’s harder than ever to come up with an original product.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible. To begin with, try not to outsource any component of YouTube video creation and posting. You can shoot with any phone, but the editing, editing, effects, and soundtrack requires knowledge in a dedicated program, such as Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, or something more user-friendly. It starts from there.

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