How to make money on YouTube Today


Bringing in cash from YouTube isn’t as hard as you would expect, and there are multiple approaches. A few techniques are just practical if your channel is as of now extremely famous, however don’t be disappointed– even a smaller channel can acquire some money if people appreciate what you are doing.

You probably won’t have the option to stop your normal everyday job from start, nit with a little work you can at least to cover your monthly bills, and maybe transform your channel into a worthwhile side-hustle.

Anyway you choose to make money on YouTube, ensure you generally uncover the reality to your watchers. YouTube’s terms of service disclose how to do this.


AdSense is the simplest method to make money on YouTube, at the moment when your channel is well known. In case you’re approved to join, you’ll win a little cut from the promotions that appears on your videos.

Before you can join AdSense, you’ll have to join the YouTube Partner Program, which has a couple of requirements:

Live in a nation where the program is accessible

Have over 4,000 watch hours over the most recent five months.

Have at least 1,000 subscribers

Have a connected Google AdSense account (joining is free)

Regardless of whether you don’t yet meet the requirements for watched hours and subscribers, you can join and your application will be revised when you hit the requested targets. Sign into YouTube, click your account icon in the upper right and select ‘Creator Studio’. Pick ‘Channel’ and click ‘Status and features’. Look to ‘Monetization’ and press ‘OK’.

Your record will at that point be submitted to YouTube for review. It will happen sooner or later, depends if you have the numbers.

The audit procedure includes programmed frameworks and human assessors, so anticipate that it should take a short time. You can check the status of your application at any time.

In case you’re application is successful, you’re all set. If not, don’t stress – you can find a way to increase the numbers on your channel and attempt again in 30 days.

Product Shelf

The Merchandise Shelf is a joint effort among YouTube and Teespring – an organization that has practical experience in special T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and different other things.

To be qualified for the Merchandise Shelf, you should be a piece of the YouTube Partner Program (please see above), have minimum 10,000 subscribers, and have no Community Guideline strikes against your name. To put it plainly, your notoriety must be perfect.

Assuming that you are in a country with access to the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll have the option to set up a Merchandise Shelf, however just watchers in selected countries will have the option to purchase your promoted items.

You create your product by uploading your design to the Design Launcher, and Teespring is printing the items and ships them to the customers. For every deal, you’ll get a cut of the benefits.


Other options

There are other options as well if you don’t have 10,000 subscribers so far! Sites like Spreadshop (worldwide) and Spreadshirt (UK only) is making print on demand very simple for you, having the T-shirts (or other printed items) made on-request and transported direct to your excited subscribers without you having to touch any of them.

Since these websites aren’t integrated with YouTube, you will have to go directly on the websites and create accounts. It will take just couple of minutes.

Affiliate programs

In the event that you frequently highlight items in your videos (for cosmetics tutorials, for instance), it ‘s worth examining stores in same niche that have affiliate programs. A lot of programs will allow anybody to join, however most have an approval procedure where you’ll have to demonstrate that your channel has enough subscribers to be a wise collaboration. Amazon Affiliates is one of the least demanding to join, and maybe the most powerful.

When you’ve been accepted, you’ll have the option to give custom links to items in your video descriptions, which will tell the retailer that the client is coming from your channel. In the event that the subscriber decides to purchase something, you’ll win a little commission (various retailers offer various rates). The items won’t cost your watchers anything extra.

Is a good thing to mention to your watchers that the links in description are affiliate links for you, and explain the process in couple of words.

Brand sponsorship

At the moment when your channel will grow, you may have the option to discover companies that are happy to sponsor your videos. You can do this by checking other videos in the same category as yours, or through the platform called Famebit, which connects small and big brands with YouTubers.

The terms of associations fluctuate massively – the sponsor may be glad for you to just specify their item, or they may have their own proposals, It’s up to you two to work out an arrangement that suits you both, and set a proper cost.


Patreon is a kind of crowd-funding instrument for fans to help their preferred creators and artists, and it could be great in the event that you have enthusiastic subscribers who are happy to help cover the expense of making aditional content. Cash earned through Patreon can go towards your general costs, or you can make unique videos as a perk for your paying ‘benefactors’.

Since it’s a membership platform, Patreon implies you can be sure you’ll get a specific sum every month, giving some security.

Patreon isn’t free however, and there are different expenses required for setting up your account, taking payments from subscribers/patrons, and tranferring cash to your account.


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