Easy Ways To Make Money – Top 6 Ideas in 2020

easy ways to make money

Going forward in 2020 many of us want to make an additional income. Today we are going to talk about a trending topic: easy ways to make money!

1. Make Money with Marketing on Instagram

Many people are not comfortable working with applications as Instagram, Facebook or other platforms that can bring customers and promote products.
Therefore, a person with Instagram marketing experience can be the basis of a very profitable 2020 business idea.

easy ways to make money

However, you will need skills. It is good to master marketing techniques and, in addition if you have your own followers (at least couple of thousands) you can request even 3000-4000 dollars per promotion.
Growing an Instagram community is one of the best things you can do in your industry! And.. guess what? Is not easy, but.. is free!

2. Make Money with Online coaching

Here’s a new idea that shows you how to make money with a small online business. Something more advanced than the online courses, online coaching puts you face to face with one or more people who needs your help regarding certain skills you master.

make money easy

Marketing, sales, management, online business, administrative, a lot of areas of activity can be interesting for some people, who will be willing to pay to find out from you how to do their job better and increase their results.

3. Make Money Selling products in Online Stores

Anyone can sell products on sites such as ebay, etsy, amazon (the world’s No. 1 site for merchandising), redbubble, etc.
You don’t even have to be the one to produce the items. You just have to find factories, whether local or international, that are creating products that are not so popular, but which you consider to have a great potential. All you need to do after you identify the products is to list them and, if is the case, to promote them.
You create an account on the online store, you set up your business details and, with some money invested in advertising, you can become the owner of a profitable business. Sounds easy? Guess what? It is!

4. Make Money as Virtual Assistant

Do you enjoy being organized and having everything in order? Do you manage to find the thing you are looking for every time, without having to spend tens of minutes, to remember where you put it?
Well, in this case, a virtual assistant business might suit you.
Many important people, who do not want to hire an assistant manager, resort to such business ideas to find people willing to help them in their daily lives.
A virtual assistant will have quite different tasks – from booking air tickets, managing emails, documents and so on.

5. Make Money as Online teacher

Languages, such as German, French and, in particular, English, are more and more learned online. The distance between people doesn’t seem to matter anymore, thanks to technology.
So the demand for online teachers of respective languages is also increasing.

earn money online

At the core of this online business idea are people from wealthy states, such as the United Arab Emirates, Dubai or Singapore, who would be willing to pay between $ 20 and $ 30 per hour to have a virtual teacher who teaches them to talk better one of the foreign languages mentioned a little earlier.

6. Make Money as Translator

And if we still talk about foreign languages, let’s not forget the translators. Such a business is one of the best business ideas for young people we could think of.
The basis is simple – a translator deals with the translation of articles and pieces of text from one language into another.
Depending on the difficulty of the domain, the amount you will be able to ask for will also increase. For example, for a plain English text you will be paid $ 10-15 for every thousand words translated.
On the other hand, texts from domains such as medicine, engineering, which require a slightly different language, will be twice or even three times better paid.

If you know some other easy ways to make money in 2020 feel free to drop a comment below!


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